Farmers Who Successfully Raised Funds For A Medical Emergency On ImpactGuru

By: Zahabiya, Diamond

Published On: December 28, 2021

It is safe to say that a medical emergency is the most unwelcome visitor in a home. No family member is ever truly prepared for the mental and physical toll it takes to see a family member suffering from a critical illness. To ease their pain and aid their recovery, quality and affordable medical treatment is their number one requirement.

While we may not have much control over a medical diagnosis, we do have different means of raising funds to make sure that the required medical treatment is received at the earliest. A relatively recent form of fundraising for treatment and medicines is medical crowdfunding wherein anyone can start a fundraiser to receive financial help to fast track their or their loved one’s recovery. This is precisely what many farmers did on India’s trusted medical crowdfunding platform - ImpactGuru. This, not only helped them raise crucial funds without delay but also receive the right treatment at the right time!

Below are 3 such stories where farmers in India started a fundraiser to raise funds for their and their dear ones’ medical treatment.

  1. Meet Atul, A Farmer From West Bengal

41-year-old Atul Roy led a simple life. The farmer was the sole breadwinner of the family of 4 - a wife and two young kids. However, Atul’s world came crashing down when the doctors said,” You have Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Blood Cancer.” Only an urgent Bone Marrow Transplant could free Atul from clutches of cancer.

On seeing Atul's deteriorating health, his wife Bhagwati decided to raise funds for his medical treatment. They started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru, and the reaction was incredible! 

  • The fundraiser met its goal in just 147 days!

  • Atul received love and support from 2039 kind-hearted donors.

  • His fundraising raised a remarkable sum of ₹ 27,22,858, far exceeding his original goal of ₹ 17,25,000.

The power and compassion of the crowd should never be underestimated. Everyone is willing to help; all you need to do is ask for a helping hand.

  1. Donors Came TogetherTo Save Little Charanya By Contributing ₹ 32.99 lakh, Exceeding Her Aim Of ₹ 25 lakh!

Pallavi and Siddheswarappa waited for 5 long years to become parents. When their little Charanya was born, they were over the moon! However their joy did not last long when their 7-months-old baby got diagnosed with a rare immunodeficiency disorder (LAD). According to the doctors, Charanya needed a Bone Marrow Transplant.


Seeing the limitless number of children who had been saved on ImpactGuru, Pallavi and Siddheswarappa decided to crowdfund. 

  • To their amazement, their precious Charanya’s fundraiser met its goal in just 35 days! Yes, just 35 days. 

  • Over 4k+ donors came forward to support this farmer family and saved their little one.


  1. Farmer Parents Bharathi And Lingappa's Pleas Resonated Around The World To Save Their Little Baby!

Lingappa and Bharathi were on the brink of losing all hope and their baby too. The little baby boy was diagnosed with Metabolic liver disease. Donors on Facebook came together to support their baby.

  • With 300+ shares and lots of love, Bharathi’s baby boy has completed a part of his treatment. 

  • So far, 1201 donors have come together to support the little one already. 

With a little more nudge the baby’s farmer father can pay all his mounting hospital bills and the baby will need continuous treatment for his liver issues to come to an end. To donate to Bharathi's baby's fundraiser or know more about their story, click here:


From helping farmers receive access to important medical treatments, such as cancer crowdfunding, financial help for transplants to raising cash for education, ImpactGuru donors came together and demonstrated the transforming power of the people by supporting their online fundraisers.


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