Crowdfunding Mistakes: 6 Things to Avoid During Medical Fundraising

By: Shrishaila, Diamond

Published On: December 01, 2021

We have all read fundraising success stories. Stories about parents raising ₹16 crores to save their baby from a rare disease or a critical patient surviving cancer by raising ₹50 lakhs and getting their treatment on time. These stories of lives being transformed and in the case of medical fundraising - of lives being saved, fill us with warmth and awe. “How did they do it?!” we find ourselves asking. The answer can be found in the words of Indian-British writer, Salman Rushdie,

Crowdfunding successes are no longer a one-time or rare occurrence. More and more people are raising funds on crowdfunding platforms in India like ImpactGuru to cover their medical bills. To achieve this very tangible reality, one must do as Rushdie implies - envision the complete picture. Plan out your entire fundraising journey. From conveying your story in an authentic manner to adding images that emphasize the emotions that you wish to evoke within your readers - fundraising online is easier than ever before once you know exactly what to do… and what not to do. 

Below we discuss fundraising mistakes to avoid, best crowdfunding practices to follow and underrated tools provided by crowdfunding platforms that you can make better use of -

  1. Do NOT ignore images 

According to studies, our brains can interpret images faster than text, not adding images will not only make readers question the integrity of your fundraiser but also deter potential donors from connecting with your story.  

  1. Do NOT forget the title

Personalising the title is important. The headline is the first point of communication with your donors. Try to convey the urgency by including the name of your diagnosis or treatment and some context to your fundraiser story.

Here are some headlines on ImpactGuru’s crowdfunding platform to take notes from - 

  • No income. Neck-deep in debt. Daily-wager cries for help

  • At just 3, Divyansh is racing the clock against cancer

  • Strong Little Aadya Needs Help To Fight Blood Cancer

  • Help Stop The Deadly Spread Of Naved’s Spinal Infection Now!

  1. Do NOT hold back on sharing 

Here is a testimonial from a fundraiser that can help explain this point better -

"Arranging the estimated lakhs for Keerthi's treatment was impossible for me. Even after giving my all, I couldn't have saved my little girl. But ImpactGuru and the gracious donors made it a possibility. I had never even imagined fundraising could be hassle-free. I only created the fundraiser, but the team at ImpactGuru supported me in every way to make crowdfunding a success. Thank you, ImpactGuru and donors for saving my beautiful daughter's life."
- Hanumantharayappa C (Keerthi's father) 

Sharing your story opens up your fundraiser to both emotional and financial support. To quote Harry Potter, “Help will always be those who ask for it.”

  1. Do NOT forget to check your Inbox

Crowdfunding platforms like ImpactGuru consistently share tips and insights into improving your fundraising experience. For instance, if you have reached a certain percentage of your goal amount, they provide you with tools and relevant actions to increase the reach of your fundraiser. Make the most of these tips to keep elevating your fundraising journey.

  1. Do NOT forget to update

Connecting with your donors is easy when they can see the impact that they helped create. Do not forget to give regular updates on your fundraiser so that those who are wishing the most for you and your fundraiser can know how you are doing and if you need more help.

  1. Do NOT lose hope

Each person’s fundraising journey is different. We understand the urgency behind a medical emergency and that slow shares or donations might disappoint. However, do not lose hope while raising funds for your cause as with anything else in life, mere pauses are inevitable. Be consistent and keep going!

Here is one person who held onto hope at all times and was able to receive her treatment due to the same- 

“I received a lot of help from Impact Guru for Krish’s chemotherapy sessions. But when I was given the estimate of the transplant, I thought the amount was too high to raise. I was losing hope. But ImpactGuru didn’t.”
- Pooja.
  1. Do NOT forget to experiment

Reaching the goal amount does not have a fixed formula but is a combination of traditional and novel ideas. Trusting your instincts and being creative helps your fundraiser stand out and be authentic to what you stand for.

For example - Make use of all the premium benefits that your chosen crowdfunding platform offers. On ImpactGuru, you can avail the expert personalised fundraising assistance of a relationship manager as well as a 7-day fundraising calendar to amplify your fundraiser! 

Some of the questions you can keep in mind while creating, sharing and updating a fundraiser are -

  • Have I conveyed my story to the donors?

  • Are my pictures/videos reflecting the emotions?

  • Is my fundraiser receiving enough shares?

  • Are there gradual increases in the amount?

If you find any of the above things interesting or even overwhelming, know more about how it works here. To take a leap of faith and start a fundraiser for any social, medical, personal or creative cause on ImpactGuru, click here!