Celebrate Bhai Dooj on ImpactGuru by Raising Funds for Your Siblings!

By: Shrishaila, Diamond

Published On: November 06, 2021

Every year as per the Hindu customs, Bhai Dooj is commemorated with great joy across India, celebrating the unique bond between siblings. This year, the day falls on November 6th which is the last day of the auspicious festival, Diwali. Also, is it just us or can you hear, “Phoolon Ka Taaro Ka, Sabka Kehna Hai…” in the air.

On a more serious note, we, at ImpactGuru are also celebrating Bhai Dhooj by taking a moment to acknowledge our #ImpactGuruFamily. Our campaigners, donors and teammates have helped touch over 5+ Lakh lives and also saved thousands of lives by making healthcare affordable. From sisters raising funds for their reconstructive surgeries in the aftermath of an acid attack, to two teen siblings starting a fundraiser to support an underfunded school - ImpactGuru has witnessed stories of courage, immense determination and limitless support. Below, we share one such story in accordance with Bhai Dooj day: 

Brotherhood on ImpactGuru

Meet Kishan and Sonu Kumar, two brothers from a small town near Ranchi. While elder brother Sonu was the sole breadwinner of the family, Kishan was still pursuing his education, when an emergency struck them. 

Memories of our childhood flashed in front of me. I realized I had never thanked him for taking care of the household responsibilities. I couldn’t control my tears. At that moment, I just wanted my brother to tell me he was okay. But he was lying unconscious, all bruised and battered. 
- Excerpt from their fundraiser

On May 29th, 2021, Kishan received a harrowing call stating that his brother, Sonu Kumar, had met with a terrible accident and was fighting for his life. Urgent treatment was required, however, they could not afford it due to lack of funds. They tried borrowing money from kind relatives but could not gather the necessary funds to meet the cost of Sonu’s multiple surgeries. 

Kishan, however, could not let finances stop his sibling’s treatment. He had to protect his only brother no matter what and so he started a fundraiser on our crowdfunding platform to raise the amount needed to help Sonu lead a healthy and normal life. The fundraiser was met with love and support from many well-wishers.

Today, on Bhai Dooj, we applaud the Kumar brothers for their fighting spirit and wish Sonu a speedy and complete recovery!  

“Your generosity is impeccable! We would like to thank all the 812 Donors who poured their hearts for Sonu, a doting son, and elder brother.”

-Kishan Kumar 

Medical fundraising on ImpactGuru helped Kishan save his brother’s life, who after receiving 8+ surgeries, is now recovering. If you want to know more about how crowdfunding works or compare different crowdfunding platforms, click here.

You can also directly begin raising funds for your sibling or a loved one, by starting a fundraiser here. Remember that anyone can start a fundraiser for any cause close to their heart - whether it is medical in nature or creative in spirit. Starting a fundraiser on ImpactGuru is free, easy and takes 5 minutes and can help you get financial support in a time of need! 

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