7 Tips To Help You Virtually Fundraise Faster Amidst the COVID19 Crisis

By: Chiara

Published On: July 12, 2021

Through the past year, the global pandemic has engulfed a large portion of people across the spectrum under its umbrella of crisis. Aside from much larger concerns like financial and economic struggles, being socially distant has made simple interactions with people around you difficult. But despite the atrocities being faced by others, many have still wanted to reach out to help those in need. Likewise reaching out for help hasn’t been the easiest for those in need. From seeking donations to pay for their medical treatments and hospital bills to reaching out for financial help for further studies in India and abroad, crowdfunding has been a source of help for so many. 

What you are looking for are people who are interested in knowing your story and seeing how much the cause concerns you. 

If you’re someone who already is running a fundraiser or who is already planning to start one, here are a few cues that can boost the potential of your fundraiser. 

  1. Express with empathy & write in real-time 

What you want to do at first-go is to express how you really feel about the cause in a way that someone reading your fundraiser story immediately connects with how you feel. Stay as authentic with your descriptions. 

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Scenarios have been changing every minute, especially in the last year and a half. Keeping your story updated only shows your donor you want to talk to them. A good conversation is always appreciated best. 

  1. Spell out the details 

At this point, you’re probably wondering what kind of details you could share every week. Even if you feel nothing drastic has happened like being discharged, remember that even the smaller milestones count! Tell your donor about the first meal after the surgery, first steps you took after 3 days of recovery, a thought you had when the doctor told you about your next steps. Campaigners who share daily updates tend to raise 2x more and faster. 

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  1. Keep the conversation going

Over the years we have often seen something special about campaigners like you and donors. Donors are always interested in hearing what’s happening with the fundraiser they have donated towards. And campaigners who have shared more details, frequently have been able to raise 3x times faster. Sharing updates on your fundraiser as well as sharing the link around on your social network groups with a little message is an effective way of speaking to all those you are connecting with. 

  1. Talk about monthly donations

If you require funds for the long-term, remember to tell your friends and donors that. Speak about how a monthly contribution can help you in the long-term. Feel free to edit your fundraising story and add the additional information you receive about the required investment in your cause. What would work great would be if you divide your goal amount into monthly targets and share with your donors the break up of your plan and the monthly goal amount required to keep up the progress of your fundraiser. 

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  1. Be on the lookout for new ideas

Find newer ways to share information. Aside from the pictures you have uploaded with the story, choose to make a video. Short 1 minute videos are shown to have greater viewership! Our crowdfunding tips page can help you here, if you’re looking for new ideas. If you are looking for something entirely out of the box, trying out sign-boards with written messages or a picture montage is worth a shot! 

  1. Share updates even on your down-days

Your donor is always expecting the best outcome for you. But they understand that there can be ups and downs in your life, like in any other. And whatever may be the scenario, they want to hear it from you. Very much like the baby Teera fundraiser. Even on days when the baby didn’t feel that great, the parents continued to share pictures and updates with their donors. And donors online came forward to share their support, good wishes and prayers.

  1. Conclude your messages with care 

Greet your well-wishers well. Everytime. Always. End off your messages with words of care. Crowdfunding being such a selfless act, only explains why wishing well for someone is a core value! Simply telling your donors - Take care / Be safe / Thank you for your prayers, is a great way to end the message. Expressing how you feel about the donations already made to the fundraiser by your donors is as important as telling them why you need the funds. 

Try it a few times, you’ll see how easy and effective it is. Of course at any point if you feel like there’s additional help you need to understand how you can boost your fundraiser, call us! We’re right here to help. 

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