7 Things That ImpactGuru Celebrated During The Festival Of Lights!

By: Milton, Diamond

Published On: November 06, 2021

Diwali, the festival of light and togetherness is one of the most popular festivals that is celebrated in India as well as around the world amid much fanfare. Bhai Dooj marks the last day of this auspicious festival and we, at ImpactGuru, want to commemorate a few special moments that would best fit the festival of lights!

Over the years, ImpactGuru has been a part of many successful crowdfunding campaigns while also receiving awards and recognition for its contributions in the field of healthcare financing. Here are 7 things that ImpactGuru celebrated during Diwali:

  1. Little Ayansh is on the road to beat SMA!

11-month-old Ayansh Madan from Delhi was diagnosed with the rare Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) at a very young age. This disorder attacks the baby’s muscles and nerves and as it progresses, makes it extremely difficult for them to carry out basic activities like sit up, lift their head, swallow milk, and even breathe.

The only cure for little Ayansh’s condition was the million dollar drug - Zolgensma. The cost of this one time injection was a mammoth INR 16 crores! An amount that any parent would find impossible to afford. To raise funds for his medical treatment, Ayansh’s parents set up a fundraiser on ImpactGuru. The fundraiser received tremendous attention from well-wishers and even celebrities!

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan and filmmaker Farah Khan raised awareness around little Ayansh’s plight on Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) in September 2021. Ayansh’s fundraiser broke records while raising over INR 12.28 crore (77% of the goal amount) from over 1.37 lakh generous donors! 

We, at ImpactGuru, are honoured to be able to play a part in helping get Ayansh the most expensive treatment in the world. 

Currently, Ayansh’s parents have started the necessary documentation and are in the process of getting Zolgensma for their son. The Madaans extend their heartfelt appreciation to all donors!

  1. 1,000+ donors rescued 4-year-old Anushka from brain tumor 

4-year-old Anushka from West Bengal was a lively and happy-go-lucky kid. In May 2020, Anushka suddenly fell ill and none of the local medicines seemed to ease her condition. Her frightened parents left their village and traveled over 180 KMs to see a specialist in Kolkata. A series of tests showed a cancerous tumor in Anushka’s brain. 

Medulloblastoma - a rare cancerous tumor in the back part of the brain (cerebellum) was affecting Anushka’s  muscle coordination, balance, and movement. After undergoing brain surgery, the girl’s only way out was with chemo and radiotherapies. Anushka’s father had already borrowed money for his daughter’s treatment from his relatives and neighbors back home and hence, had no means to arrange lakhs of rupees for the next course of treatment. 

OncoVille Cancer Hospital and Research Center - the hospital where Anushka was admitted, advised Anushka’s father to set up a fundraiser with ImpactGuru. Within a span of months, Anushka’s campaign received the prompt love and support of 1,000+ Impact Guru donors who helped her family raise over INR 13.63 lakhs! With the amount raised through donations, Anushka’s course of treatment was successfully carried out. Her health has improved considerably since then and she is currently on her road to complete recovery!

  1. A 17-year-old crowdfunds for the online education of students in Dharavi

Since 2018, 17-year-old Aria Gupta would train students in designing, building and programming robotics at Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM) school in Dharavi. 

During the pandemic, SSRVM school shifted to online mode of learning. However, they noticed that at least 15 students couldn’t attend classes as they did not have digital devices. To ensure that such students do not miss out on education, Aria set up a fundraiser with ImpactGuru to raise funds on behalf of them. 

Aria’s initiative resonated with many donors as they came forward to raise more than INR 1.55 lakhs which helped Aria provide more than 10 tablets to the students for their online classes. 

  1. Two Gurgaon teens help in transforming healthcare for underprivileged students

Two 15-year-old cousins from Delhi NCR wanted to understand the coverage of healthcare among young kids, particularly those from underprivileged communities. Arjun and Kyra created the Children's Health Action Management Project (C.H.A.M.P), a social initiative aimed at investigating and addressing the status of healthcare for children in India.

The two cousins noticed that Kamala Rani Sanghi School (KRSS) wasn’t able to provide basic healthcare to children from the Economically Weaker Sections of the society. They were unable to meet the testing and screening requirements which were extremely essential during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Arjun and Kyra wanted to set up a healthcare facility for annual check-ups and provide Covid-19 supplies for more than 800 children at KRSS. However, they needed funds to make this possible. To tackle this, the duo started a crowdfunding campaign on ImpactGuru. Their initiative was met with a heart-warming response from well-wishers helping Arjun and Kyra raise INR 2,74,000 towards their goal. 

  1. The Economic Times Healthcare Awards

The Economic Times’ first edition of the ‘Healthcare Awards’ aimed at recognizing and acknowledging contributions of players from different areas of the healthcare sector. In early October 2021, ImpactGuru was declared as the winner of the Best Patient Awareness Drive for its India Fights SMA campaign

Today, ImpactGuru has more than 40 cases of SMA. With your constant support we, at ImpactGuru hope that kids suffering from the deadly SMA disease in India will soon get the care they rightly deserve!

  1. Our Co-founder was felicitated on Women’s Day by the Indian Government!

In March 2021, The National Commission for Minorities awarded our Co-founder and COO - Mrs Khushboo Jain - for her contributions in the social impact sector!

  1. IAMAI India Digital Awards

At the 11th edition of the IDA this year, ImpactGuru was announced as the winner of the ‘Digital, Social and Economic Empowerment Award’ for making the best use of technology to execute CSR initiatives. 

One of the most esteemed accolades - the India Digital Awards (IDA) - was founded in 2009 by the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) with an aim to recognize organizations who have surpassed landmarks and delivered successful business outcomes using digital media.

Diwali is known as a festival of giving. This Diwali, there might be several people around you who are finding it difficult to afford either medical bills, education fees or funding their NGO. You can light up their lives by starting a free fundraiser to help them achieve their goal. If you wish to make a donation, browse through our fundraisers here to leave your impact and spread the light!

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