6 Steps To Successfully Crowdfund Your Medical Treatments in India

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 11, 2021

In countries on the other side of the world, crowdfunding has come to be known as one of the fastest and efficient ways to raise money for any cause, be it medical, personal, creative, or social. However, in India, the concept of crowdfunding is only picking pace and the majority of the fundraisers are medical in nature. Families who are unable to afford the treatment expenses of their loved ones are now resorting to fundraising as a financial alternative during medical emergencies. Medical emergencies always come unannounced. But funding hefty hospital bills to treat critical illnesses like cancer, organ failure has never been this easy, all thanks to online crowdfunding platforms like ours!

Medical fundraising has become the need of the hour in India, given the fact that our country lives in villages where people do not have the access to basic and traditional healthcare financing options like medical insurance and loans. Considering the lack of access to healthcare financing options like medical insurance and loans in rural areas, medical fundraising is the need of the hour in India. In their desperate attempts to fund their medical emergencies and critical illnesses, they are left with no option but to resort to measures like selling their land, mortgaging their jewelry, etc. However, it is important to establish – Crowdfunding is a low-cost effective, and alternate solution to settling hospital bills for free that is with no payback liability. More importantly, it’s simple, quick, practical and accessible to everyone – regardless of their financial status or background.

For those who are new to the world of online fundraising, running a crowdfunding campaign may seem like a daunting feat. While it does call for some effort on the part of the campaigner, it is, in fact, one of the fastest ways of raising money for medical causes, especially effective in emergency cases. This method relies on effectively communicating your urgency, your need for funds to a large number of individuals, groups, and organizations, who can be persuaded to contribute small amounts through online platforms.

Below is the step-by-step procedure to get started with an online fundraising campaign for medical causes:

Step 1: Make the right choice. Pick an experienced medical crowdfunding platform

Choose a crowdfunding platform that is well-versed with the nuances of medical fundraising, or specializes in the disease that you are raising funds for. For instance, ImpactGuru.com helps you raise funds for critical illnesses like cancer, organ failure, rare diseases requiring prolonged treatment or surgeries, medical emergencies like acid attack, near-fatal accidents, medical conditions requiring intensive care, like premature childbirth etc.

Step 2: Provide a valid proof of the illness

Once you have made the choice, get started with your own fundraiser in less than 5 minutes. With some crowdfunding assistance, you can complete the process seamlessly.  The next aspect to consider: it’s important for crowdfunding platforms to provide significant proof of the illness and impending medical expenses to their existing and potential donors as it helps maintain the credibility and integrity of the website. It helps the donors to trust the cause and take an informed decision accordingly. The proof is usually presented in the form of a verification letter from the hospital or the doctors, stating the disease, the treatment needed, and a medical estimate for such treatment.

Step 3: Set a goal amount

The amount you need to raise on our crowdfunding website, depends entirely upon the disease and the treatment that is required. Hospitals usually provide you with this estimate which helps in setting the goal amount on the fundraiser. The goal amount is usually decided by adding the treatment expenses, medication costs, diagnostic tests, hospital charges, and any other additional expenses associated with it, like post-op care etc. Setting a target that’s too high or low can deter people from donating towards your fundraiser.

Step 4: Create a compelling fundraiser page

Creating a fundraising campaign page is one of the most important steps of your fundraising journey. Here’s where you get the chance to tell your story to the world, and appeal for help. There are multiple elements that every medical fundraiser has:

  • Headline

Your headline is what will capture the attention of a potential donor and persuade him/her to open your campaign page. Make sure you convey the emotion, and a sense of urgency, right in the headline itself.

  • Campaign story

Explain why you are crowdfunding for medical care and talk about the illness. Your story should cover all the answers to the questions of potential donors - how the patient got diagnosed with the disease, the struggles that have been faced so far, how soon is the treatment needed, the medical expenses and estimates, and how the donor’s contribution will make a difference, so on and so forth.

  • Photos and videos

Technology is a blessing to the crowdfunding world. People who see your fundraiser do not necessarily know you as a person – your or your loved one’s illness, your suffering, your financial troubles etc. And there’s only so much you can convey through text. Is there a way then to enhance your campaign story and make it all the more powerful? Yes, absolutely. Let your story be ably accompanied by pictures and videos. As rightly said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Also, a well-shot video can complement your story by talking about your or your loved one’s journey, illness, diagnosis, treatment and how the donations can make a world of difference to you!

  • Fund utilization plan

Once your fundraising campaign goes live, the donors need to know where and how exactly their funds are going to be used. This requires you to prepare a break up of all the expenses, and allocate a part of your budget to each expense. Such details about fund utilization give the donors complete transparency and assurance that their money is intended to be put to good use.

  • An appeal

Once you have shared your/your loved one’s struggle, journey, and immediate need for funds, sharing a compelling appeal is one of the most vital medical crowdfunding tips. Now is the time you inform the potential donors how they can get involved. Give them the options that they have, if they wish to make an impact with their actions. For instance, they can choose to donate for the treatment/surgery. They can also spread the word through social media, because every share is as good as a donation. Put forth that appeal to them.

  • A tax benefit reminder

Tax benefits are the most incentivizing reward for people, to convert into donors on your fundraiser page. Be sure to remind them that they are eligible for a tax exemption on their contributions.

Step 5: Share your campaign extensively. Put all social media apps to good use

The more you share your crowdfunding campaign, the more likely you are to get help from different sources. Crowdfunding can help you mobilize funds not just from the known circles consisting of family, friends and well-wishers but also from complete strangers worldwide.

Your family and friends are the best and most loyal supporters. You need to encourage them to not only donate, but also share your fundraiser with others. So, start with your inner circle, and then expand your network through social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn or Email.

Step 6: Post updates on your fundraiser, have funds disbursed and thank your supporters for their timely help

It is important to keep your donors and supporters informed of the developments on your fundraising campaign. The updates can include how much more money you would require, how is the patient doing, how long is the treatment expected to continue etc. Upon completion of the fundraiser or request from the campaigner for fund transfer, platforms like ImpactGuru help you to transfer the funds raised directly to the hospital treating you or your loved ones.

It’s actually possible to start a fundraiser in 5 minutes! We provide 24x7 crowdfunding assistance to help you navigate through the process. At ImpactGuru, we have a team of professionals to guide you through every step of this six-step fundraising process and beyond, and make your  crowdfunding journey simple and hassle-free. Happy crowdfunding with us!