5 Ways to Soothe Your Children During The Pandemic

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 19, 2021

Children have been facing the impacts of the ‘new normal’ for over a year now. The pandemic has completely disrupted the lives of children. The unseen impacts on children during the pandemic are appalling. Going to school, running around the playground, interacting with peers are only a few of the many things that they haven’t been able to do for over a year now. The looming uncertainty of the 2nd wave of the pandemic gives rise to anxiety about the children’s routine and education among many other concerns. 

Parenting during the pandemic can be challenging holed up at home. As a caregiver, you must read between the lines to keep your child happy during a global pandemic. These mood-boosters will help your kids to cope with the life of containment.

Create a routine for them 

During a pandemic, it is more important than ever to maintain a routine. Routines create a sense of order to the day and offer reassurance in these uncertain times. Structure their day with schedules for their meals, study-time, playtime, and sleep. Children especially need a routine to give them a sense of normalcy and accomplishment throughout the day. 

Fun at-home physical activities 


Children are energetic and enthusiastic. In the past two years, children have hardly got the chance to play out in the ground and unwind. Involve them in your workout routines. It could be anything from a parent-child skipping competition to an easy at-home yoga session. The first one to finish a hundred could get the next biggest share of the dessert for that evening. 

Good sleep makes a happy child

Children often have trouble going to bed in stressful times. Soothing routines right before bedtime can help your child get a sound sleep. Read a book to your child or inculcate a habit in them to meditate at bedtime. Make sure they are early to bed and early to rise for their next day. Too little sleep can make it challenging for children to deal with emotions. Avoid any screen-time activities before they go to bed. 

Conduct a virtual playdate with their friends 

Interaction is the key to a child’s social development. When the schools were open, they had the chance to do activities with their friends and peers. You can arrange a virtual playdate with their friends and conduct activities for children to keep them engaged. Create a setup for your kids to play online Pictionary with their friends. This way, they can virtually play games and stay connected with their friends. It can turn into a fun social activity especially for children who don’t have siblings. 

Answer their questions about the pandemic 

Children can be quick to grasp and understand situations but half-information can induce anxiety in them. Explain to your child about the pandemic and the measures that can be taken to prevent it. Answer their questions about the pandemic simply and honestly. Educate them about why they are asked to wash their hands frequently and wear masks in public. 

These mood-boosting tips can help manage your children’s behaviour and emotions during the lockdown. It can also help build resilience in them to handle certain situations calmly and raise their spirits.