5 Times Women on Impact Guru Found Unique Solutions to Important Women’s Issues

By: Rukmini Chopra

Published On: May 07, 2018

Each day, our news channels are flooded with reports about violence and discrimination against women. From sexual assault, to rape, to domestic abuse to young girls being denied the right to education and work, India continues to struggle with regards to providing safety to women. But there are some organizations that are going out of their way to change that.

Many of these NGOs are now turning to crowdfunding for monetary relief. Some organizations chose Impact Guru as their platform to raise funds for varied causes relating to women’s welfare.

Here are 5 times we fought for the upliftment of women by supporting these NGOs’ fundraisers: 

Casa Vida

Problem: Thousands of women and children, who are victims of sexual abuse, find it hard to lead a normal life, after being rescued. They are not skilled enough to take on challenges and often go back to their perpetrators (often ex husbands) or their parents as these women are not financially independent. 

Solution: Casa Vida rehabilitates women and children and provides them with vocational training.  The NGO operates two of their top hospitality services through Kafe’ Aroma and Doce Vida in the South Asian country of Timor-Leste. They help in training women in skills needed for the hospitality industry, as tourism industry in the country is a flourishing one and the government encourages people to open up small businesses in the former. Casa Vida teaches women who to cooking, waitering, computer skills, cleaning services, etc.

There came a point where the NGO ran out of resources to run their centres successfully and didn’t have the needed equipment to train women.

As a result, Impact Guru came to their rescue and provided its crowdfunding platform to the organization. They managed to raise Rs. 3 lakh in a month through 25 donors! You can read about the NGO’s success story here

Impact: Casa Vida is the only NGO in the country that provides a vocational training programme for victims of sexual abuse and violence. The organization has been instrumental in rehabilitating women, children and preparing them for the outside world, but also building up their self esteem and confidence. 

A New Vision 

Problem: Indonesia is the second country affected most by blindness after Ethiopia. Blind women here are abandoned by their husbands and families and are sexually abused.

SolutionA New Vision, came up with an initiative to make quality eye care accessible to all, especially underprivileged women and girls. They also provided free eye checkups as well as surgeries, as a part of their program. 

They conducted their first outreach program and discovered that 60% of patients that received eye care were men. The NGO made it their mission to balance the gender gap and the Singapore division of UN Women chose us as their crowdfunding platform and partner to raise funds for their program- Project Inspire. 

A New Vision raised Rs. 6.7 lakh through 328 donors! You can read about their success story here

Impact: The NGO managed to cure nearly 16,000 cases of blindness and ecuate local healthcare professionals about eye care and cataract surgeries.

Project Mukti

Problem: The topic of menstruation continues to be a taboo. There are many remote areas where there is a lack of awareness about menstrual hygiene, and girls continue to use rags, as they can’t afford sanitary pads. As a result, they suffer from severe infections and are forced to  drop out of school. Many of them are also forced into prostitution and child marriage.

Solution: NGO New Light decided come up with Project Mukti to tend to the issue. Their project was twofold- they provided jobs to women that were rescued from red lights areas by asking them to manufacture sanitary pads. 

They also assigned these women to transport the pads to remote areas with the help of bicycles.

The NGO needed sufficient bicycles to rent for the project and started a fundraiser with us for the same. Project Mukti successfully raised  8,55,104 through 373 donors! Check out their success story here:  

Impact: With their two-fold initiative, Project Mukti was successful in providing employment opportunities to 15 more women and making clean sanitary pads available to hundreds of women in remote villages. 

The inspiring tale of Moksha Jaitley


Problem: In some parts of India,  girls continue to be discouraged from going to school and studying. Instead, they are forced into early marriages and are expected to take care of the house. It is a sad reality that girls are not given the freedom and choice to decide for themselves. 

SolutionMoksha Jaitley, was determined bring about a change and empower young girls in a rather unique way. She decided to raise funds for their education by supporting NGO Nanhi Kali, that works towards providing qualitative education to the girl child.

Hailing from a Hoshiarpur, a small district in Punjab, Moksha was brought up in an orthodox family. She was forced to marry early and was shown resistance by her mother-in-law for giving birth to a baby girl, a year later. But Moksha didn’t let these experiences kill her spirit. 

She wanted to spread the message that daughters are precious and wished to fundraise for the same. She picked Nanhi Kali as her NGO and aimed to sponsor the education of 100 girls. But the same posed as a challenge since the cost of sponsoring one girl child was Rs. 3000 and the total would cost Rs. 3 lakh for Moksha. 

As a result, she turned to crowdfunding on our platform and surpassed her goal amount in less than 40 days! Moskha, a passionate rider holds a Limca Limca Book Record for being the first woman biker to have completed the Leh-Manali distance in 20 hours and 20 minutes, rode from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to raise funds for the NGO.

Impact: Through her determination and generosity, Moksha made it possible for 100 girls to receive education. 

Tharuni Swecha 

Problem: The lack of safety, tough mobility and eve-teasing that the girls have to witness while walking to school, has resulted in the school drop out rate of 38.21% in Telangana. As a result, many of these girls are forced into child marriage or child labour. Some of them are even trafficked. 

Solution: To solve this problem, NGO Tharuni Swecha, came up with the ‘Cycle to School’ initiative, that aimed to provide bicycles to girls hailing from underprivileged backgrounds, so that they could ride to school and pursue their studies. 

The NGO needed to raise funds for their initiative and turned to us for support. The organization reached their goal amount of Rs 2,00,000 in a matter of 26 days! You can check out their fundraiser here.

Impact: With their project, the NGO was instrumental in providing close to 500 bicycles to school girls!

If you know, or are, a women’s organisation making a great change, we’d love to chat with you. Write to us at engage@impactguru.com.