5 Most Heartwarming ‘Thank You’ Messages To Donors

By: Milton, Chiara

Published On: July 05, 2021

The act of giving is a win-win situation for both parties. The feeling of putting a smile on someone’s face cannot be put into words. It is an act without any return but the joy you experience while giving cannot be bought.

With the introduction of crowdfunding many donors have been able to put a smile on the faces of people. It is pretty simple to understand this process, here is how it works.

Give without expecting anything in return, well, there is something that you can get in return, a simple ‘thank you message’. In this case a thank you message or an update from the campaigner can do wonders, it gives a feeling of satisfaction, validation and appreciation to donors which they very rightly deserve. 

So here are 5 heartwarming messages from campaigners to donors:

  1. Feeding disabled people during Covid-19 crisis:

The story:

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown had affected lakhs of daily wage earners, servants, drivers, construction workers, and day laborers. These people were starving without food and did not even have sources of income to buy groceries which can help them to sustain themselves for a few weeks. People with disabilities were severely affected. 

Thus, the Project "ANNAPURNA" took shape to provide these needy people with GROCERY KITS. Some of them carried the additional burden of being a parent to a child with a disability or was a person with a disability himself.  

The ‘thank you’ message: (08 May, 2021)

Dear Donors,

We are extremely grateful to our past donors & our prospective ones and would like to share the update on our Annapurna Initiative to feed the needy during this Covid crisis.

Thanks to your support, we have been able to raise funds over INR 6,00,000/- .

We have already provided a month's groceries to around 100 people with disabilities in Mumbai. 

They also attached some wholesome images along with the message:

You can donate to this fundraiser here: Feed The Poor During Covid-19 Crisis

  1. Baby of Tejasvi fights premature complications

The story:

Mandar Maestry was raising funds for his new born baby who was suffering from premature complications, and was in NICU, undergoing treatment at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune.

The baby had to be admitted in NICU for another two months, the expenses would come around INR 10 lakhs. 

The ‘thank you’ message: (27 May, 2021)

Hi All,

Glad to let you know that the baby is doing well, his health is fine now and stable, we might get discharged in the next week. Thank you for your great generosity!

We are grateful for your blessing and support without which it was impossible to get at this stage. Your support is invaluable to us, thank you again.


Mandar and Tejasvi Mestry

You can donate to this fundraiser here: Help Baby of Tejasvi fight Premature complications

You can start a free fundraiser for somebody who is in need of funds, it could be for any cause. It takes only 5 minutes to get started. 

  1. Beena’s message of gratitude to her donors

The story:

Beena Dhamkani was raising funds for her mother, Namrata Dhankani who was suffering from post-covid complications. She was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a rare neurological disorder in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks part of its peripheral nervous system. She was admitted at Zydus hospital, Ahmedabad and the treatment cost was around INR 10 lakhs. 

The ‘thank you’ message: (27 May, 2021)

Dear Donors,

You're amazing!

Thank you for your heartfelt wishes and kind donations towards Mom. It has immensely helped us get her the needed treatment during such a critical time. 

Only with your support, we were able to raise sufficient money for her treatment. She has been discharged and her health is much better now. Mom needs physiotherapy and speech therapy for another few months including medication to recover completely. 

Keep sending your prayers for her good health and positive recovery.


You can donate to this fundraiser here: Help Beena to Raise Funds for Her Mother's Treatment

  1. A daughter thanks donors who helped her father

The story:

Shruti Agarwal wanted to raise funds for her father, Dr Satish Kumar Gupta who was suffering from severe Pneumonia due to COVID-19 and was undergoing treatment at Sharma Medicare Super-Specialty Hospital, Greater Noida. The treatment was costing Rs.16,00,000 and they needed funds to continue the treatment. 

The ‘thank you’ message: (10 Jun, 2021)

Dear Donors,

In the darkest hours of Dad's battle with COVID, your support paved the way for him to continue crucial treatment. Thank you for being there for him. 

Dad was in the ICU with breathing issues and an unstable pulse rate. The recent scans/tests have revealed that he still has an infection but his health is gradually improving. Right now, he is in the general ward of the hospital. However, he still requires oxygen support and constant care.

He will need a longer stay at the hospital till he is well enough to be sent home to recuperate. The treatment and post-operative care are becoming a challenge for our family.

Please continue praying for Dad and sharing his story so that he can complete his treatment, get off oxygen support and regain his strength to return home to us.


You can donate to this fundraiser here: Help My Father Raise Funds To Recover From COVID-19!

  1. Ravi Srinivas’ victory over cellulitis infection:

The story:

Sonti Subramanyam’s father, Ravi Srinivas, was suffering from a cellulitis infection. Doctors said that he needed surgery to be completely cured from the infection. The treatment cost was around Rs 1 lakh.

The ‘thank you’ message: (14 May, 2021)

Dear Donors,

You heard the call for help and answered it magnificently. Thank you for your financial gift, and for your willingness to help Mr. Ravi Srinivas.

With your support, Mr Ravi Srinivas has been discharged from the hospital. He is on medication and will continue with regular follow-ups, change of dressings. He has been prescribed an enriching diet that will boost his strength.

He is following the doctor's instructions to the T. We wish him the very best and thank you for your generous support towards Ravi Srinivas' cause.


You can donate to this fundraiser here: Help Ravi raise funds to fight Covid & Cellulitis Infection

If you want to be of help to somebody who is in need of funds you could consider donating to an online fundraiser. Your help would make a huge difference. 

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