5 Critical Illnesses That Medical Crowdfunding in India Has Helped!

By: Visakha, Diamond

Published On: October 29, 2021

Everyone deserves quality healthcare. However, reports show that 60% of the Indian population is not covered by health insurance, and the dependability on private clinics for healthcare has been on the rise. Which is why, paying out of the pocket for a critical medical treatment can be financially and psychologically draining for a large chunk of the population. Here, medical crowdfunding, a.k.a medical fundraising, has come to be a groundbreaking solution to cover financial costs for medical emergencies and long-term treatment and care. 


Crowdfunding can be thought of as a process that involves a community of people connected by the wish to give and receive help. It involves campaigners (people who create a fundraiser) on their chosen crowdfunding platform and raise funds for a cause close to their heart. This cause can range from getting chemotherapy for themselves or a heart transplant for a relative or even cover medicine costs for an acquaintance. The fundraiser, when shared online, reaches people who wish to support the campaigner in their fundraising journey and are rooting for their success! 


The leading Indian crowdfunding platform - ImpactGuru, has emerged as the fastest and most trusted medical fundraising site, raising as high as Rs 16 crore for a single campaign! ImpactGuru has introduced a 0% platform fee so that campaigners can receive their financial support quickly and efficiently. The crowdfunding platform also features:


  • 20+ Lakh Donor Community

  • 24*7 Expert Assistance,

  • Quick Fund Withdrawals (at any point in your fundraising journey)

  • Free iOS and Android Mobile App

  • Premium Benefits like a Relationship Manager to manage your fundraising campaign 


Below, we observe the 5 critical illnesses that medical crowdfunding on ImpactGuru has helped the most: 

  1. Cancer

From chemotherapy to stem cell transplants, cancer patients require extensive treatment and care on their road to recovery. Any delay in cancer treatment can be fatal. As such medical crowdfunding can be a reliable way of getting financial support without endangering all your life-savings. Furthermore, knowing that there are people out there who are there to help you during this vulnerable time can also be a great source of emotional support. To know more about cancer crowdfunding, visit our page here


3-year-old Tashi is a cancer survivor. Her father is a watchman, and could not cover the high costs of the bone marrow transplant needed for his daughter to fight blood cancer.  Like many hopeful patients, he turned to crowdfunding on ImpactGuru. Within a couple of days, Tashi’s story received 7000 shares on social media, and kind donors from across the country came together to donate to her father’s fundraiser. Today, Tashi is cancer-free and thriving!  


  1.  Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)


Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a  rare disease that affects 1 in 10,000 children in India and restricts their basic muscle movements such as lifting, standing and even breathing. SMA  can be fought through gene replacement therapy by a drug called Zolgensma. However, this FDA approved drug is priced as high as Rs 16 crores for a one-time infusion! To manage such exorbitant costs, parents of children with SMA have turned to crowdfunding on ImpactGuru, and have raised funds in crores to help their children beat this brutal rare disease!! 


Baby Teera’s case of SMA set a new fundraising record when her campaign collected Rs.16 crores for Zolgensma in a span of 358 days and helped Teera’s family get the rare drug for their little daughter. As of today, Baby Teera is making great breakthroughs in her muscle ability! 


  1.  Preterm Baby Care


What could be worse than having a newborn suffer from critical illnesses right from the moment of their birth? As parents, it's even more heart-breaking to find out that their baby’s life depends on treatments that they cannot afford by themselves. This is where medical crowdfunding can help raise funds for unforeseen complications that arise during premature birth and help cover the high costs of  the baby’s PICU or neonatal care units fee.


When Sachin and Deepali’s twins were delivered 24 weeks into pregnancy, they were severely malnourished and consequently, sick. The twins had to be kept in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for a long period, which meant paying round-the-clock fees for both their children for each day at the NICU. The couple turned to crowdfunding for help in order to arrange the money needed to save their children. With donations and prayers pouring in from well-wishers everywhere, the twins survived and are healthy today. 



  1. Accidents and Emergencies

Road accidents in India have claimed around 1.32 lakh lives in the last year. While research says that it is the lowest number in the past 11 years, it still means that lakhs of people have died because of the unaffordability and inaccessibility of  post-accident injuries. For many of these victims, any little delay can be  the difference between life and death. In the absence of finances required to help the victim, families often resort to crowdfunding. With fast approvals and 24*7 assistance, ImpactGuru has been able to help families struck with similar tragedies to collect the funds they need for their loved one’s urgent treatment. 


To know more about such emergency accident-related crowdfunding, visit ImpactGuru’s page here.



  1. Paralysis

The inability to move your muscles when you want. The inability to lift your hands or legs. The inability to walk, hold, stand, or shift. Paralysis comes in many forms and affects the victim’s physical movements to a great extent. During such a tragedy, crowdfunding becomes a solution to help victims of paralysis get their hands on prosthetics, treatments, and rehabilitation that can lead the victim back to a life with some level of normalcy. Lakhs of rupees have been raised on ImpactGuru to help victims of paralysis. Last year, young Nitish suffered from multiple amputations due to electrocution. However, with the help of generous donations, he was able to afford prosthetic legs. Today, he walks tall and brave because of his new legs and his new chance at a new life.

Crowdfunding has become a ray of hope for many people across India who were met with medical emergencies. While the above-stated illnesses are just a few examples, crowdfunding on ImpactGuru has helped raise funds for heart diseases, rare illnesses such as Ewing’s Sarcoma, the Moyamoya disease, to acid attack survivors’ recovery. To know more about crowdfunding and how it works, visit our page here