3 Children On Our Instagram Page That Won Hearts Last Week

By: Milton, Chiara

Published On: July 17, 2021

Seeing a child in pain or even worse, suffering from a life-threatening disease would be gut wrenching for any person. These children have to battle their disease every day. They still do it with a cute smile on their faces. This is possible due to the love and support of donors on Impact Guru

When parents face difficulties in paying the treatment expenses, they are left with very few financing options. In such times, many parents chose crowdfunding to raise funds for the treatment expenses of their children. Here is how they managed to do this in a few simple steps. 

Here are 3 children who received a lot of love from so many on our Instagram page: 

  1. Helping baby Khyati battle SMA

Eleven-month-old Khyati is suffering from a very deadly and dangerous disease - SMA Type 1. The gene responsible for the entire muscle function of the body is missing or severely defective. Little Khyati cannot hold her neck, crawl, eat or even breathe properly. The only cure for her condition is an imported drug- Zolgensma which is worth Rs. 16 crore. 

Instagram post

The response on Instagram:

People came together to share love and prayers with the baby and helped by sharing her story across.   

The post received:




The campaign has so far raised Rs 2.34 crore due to the generosity and support of donors. Baby Khyati needs Zolgensma at the earliest to survive as her condition is worsening day by day. 

You can donate to this fundraiser here 

2. Saving little Hamza from Gaucher’s disease

2 year old Hamza has a protruding belly and cries out in pain everyday. Doctors diagnosed that Baby Hamza had Gaucher’s disease and that an Enzyme replacement therapy was the only cure but arranging Rs 37.95 lakh for a daily labourer like Abdul was impossible. 

Instagram post

The response on Instagram:

The post received:



There is still a long way to go as the fundraiser has collected Rs 11.98 lakhs until now. You could share his story across social media and request your friends and loved ones to help in saving Baby Hamza’s life.

You could donate to this fundraiser here

These Instagram posts received a lot of love from hundreds of people. These people showed their support to the cause by their well-wishes and prayers for the children. You can do your part too by donating to these fundraisers.

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