3 NGOs Bringing Hope To People During These Extraordinary Times

By: Milton, Chiara

Published On: July 05, 2021

India went through a deadly second wave of Covid-19 a few weeks ago. Covid-19 had affected people from all walks of life, directly and indirectly. In such times many individuals and organizations came forward to support people who were in need of help. 

This was possible due to crowdfunding. It was possible for any one to raise funds for a person or group of people who required help. The concept is pretty simple, here is how it works.  

Here are some NGOs who gave hope to people by their service:

  1. FIPA’s Covid Action Plan

The Federation of Indian Physician Association, FIPA has been established to facilitate the aspirations of 21st Century physicians of Indian origin. Covid 19’s second wave has created an existential crisis in India since April 2021. FIPA came forward to lend a helping hand to India. 

PIFA provided medical supplies and equipment to India such as:

  • Oxygen concentrators

  • Pulse oximeters

  • BiPAP, ventilators

  • PPE kits, gloves and masks.

Medicines like:  

  • Remdesivir

  • Tocilizumab 

  • Amphotericin 

Raised awareness on:

  • Importance of wearing masks 

  • Social distancing among the public 

They also started: 

  • Mass vaccination programmes to encourage people to come forward and vaccinate themselves. 

  • Appealed to the United States Government and other countries to form a global alliance to help India. 

You can donate to this fundraiser here- JOIN and HELP FIPA in it’s India Covid Action Plan

FIPA featured in the Times Of India: Indian-American physicians sending 5,000 oxygen concentrators to India - Times of India (indiatimes.com)

  1. Perroayuda Foundation for Animal Welfare

Perroayuda Welfare Foundation is based out of Delhi and wanted to raise INR 3,00,000 for Animal welfare as animals are often ignored during the Covid-19 crisis. They raised money for 3 purposes : feeding drives, water bowl installation and treatment of animals. 

With the help of donations they were able to save lives of twice the amount of animals. They also built their own shelter for the treatment of animals and  were able to pay off their liabilities of vet and medical expenses with the help of 


You can donate to their fundraiser here- Join hands with Perroayuda Welfare Foundation to Raise funds

Perroayuda Welfare Foundation was also featured in the Times of India-

Citizens come forward to feed/rescue strays in their localities during #corona crisis | Delhi News - Times of India 

  1. Helping 1000 sex workers battle Covid-19 crisis

A collective of NGOs led by survivors of human trafficking are determined to work on the ground to assist sex workers and their families. VIMUKTI in collaboration with HELP is conducting relief operations across the country. 

  • VIMUKTI- is a state-level collective of sex workers and survivors of human trafficking, that is working towards providing aid to sex workers, and their families who are suffering immensely during this pandemic.

  • HELP- is an organization committed to the protection of women and children from violence, sexual exploitation, abuse, and trafficking, through grassroots-level interventions and evidence-based advocacy for better laws and policies

The contributions will be utilized for:

  • Providing monetary support for rations and supplies to 1000 sex workers, survivors of trafficking and their family members.

  • Providing monetary support to address healthcare needs (both mental as well as physical health) to 1000 sex workers and their families coping with the fallout of the ongoing crisis.

You can donate to this fundraiser here: Help 1000 Sex Workers In India Battle The COVID-19 Crisis 

If you feel you want to do something for these people but you are unable to move out of your house due to the lockdown, you can help people who are in need of funds by donating to an online fundraiser here.  

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