3 Heartwarming Stories of Newborns to Brighten Your Day

By: Satyendra & Chiara

Published On: December 21, 2020

Birth is a beautiful occasion. The first cry is only the first in a series of milestones and parents watch on with wonder in their eyes as the baby grows. Unfortunately, fate does not always cooperate. A medical emergency can cause parents a lot of heartaches. This is only worsened as unaffordable medical bills pile up. At ImpactGuru, we believe that everyone deserves a chance at life, and our crowdfunding platform enables just that. Here are three heartwarming stories of newborns who we saw grow, live and flourish with the power of crowdfunding.


Baby Parnavi cruises to recovery after a brain infection



Parth, a BSF constable, was anxiously awaiting his baby's arrival. But when the day finally arrived, fate didn't let his happiness last for long. Their newborn, Parnavi, was diagnosed with the deadly MRSA infection. He needed Rs 6 lakh to save her life but had no means to fund it. 


Thankfully, he discovered the power of medical crowdfunding in time. An overwhelming response ensued to supplement baby Parnavi's fighting spirit. Thanks to the generous donors who helped raise money for the baby's care, she is now out of harm's way.  


Reyan receives a new liver and a new life



Baby Reyan's eyes twinkled with curiosity when he was born in 2018. But soon, this was replaced by signs of a deadly disease. His yellow eyes and skin and a bloated stomach were the signs of biliary atresia—which stopped his liver from functioning normally.


Only a liver transplant worth Rs 25 lakh could save the little one's life, but his parents could not afford the amount. With hope in their hearts, they turned to medical crowdfunding on ImpactGuru. What followed was a crowdfunding success: the champ raised Rs 22 lakh for his treatment to brave his condition. He is now well and waddling his way to a quick recovery.


Sunita's newborn is saved from a lung infection



New parents can't wait to welcome their baby into the world. But when Sunita and Rahul's little boy was born, a lung infection took him away from his mother's arms. The newborn boy had to spend at least 40-45 days in the NICU to make a full recovery. But the young parents had no means to afford this stay. Desperate, they turned fundraising on ImpactGuru—and received an overwhelming response. Their crowdfunding effort raised Rs 12 lakh and ensured he got the best treatment for his lung infection. 


Today, the parents are reunited with their baby and look forward to celebrating milestones as he grows. 

Do you know a baby out there who needs help? Are you the parent who could use the financial help to pay for your child’s treatment? Like these parents, you too can start a fundraiser on ImpactGuru in 5 minutes. Additionally, here are Three Types of Fundraisers You Should Start During COVID-19.