3 Fundraising Features That Will Help You Maximize Your Donations You Share and Receive

By: Milton, Chiara

Published On: July 05, 2021

Everyone goes through a phase in life where they fall short of funds, be it for a medical emergency or a personal crisis or for a social cause. In such times, raising funds can be a difficult task for many. 

With the rise of crowdfunding platforms in India, people are now able to raise funds for causes that are important to them. The concept is pretty simple to understand. For the uninitiated, here is how it works

If you are planning to raise funds, here are three terms that you must know before you get started with crowdfunding:

  1. Matching donations

Matching donations refers to a matching or additional donation amount offered by ImpactGuru to help donors make a greater impact through their donations. 

For example, if the donor has donated Rs. 50,000 to a cause and a 10% matching donation has been activated on that fundraiser, ImpactGuru will add a 10% donation basis the donated amount - Rs. 5000 in this case will be added to the donated amount. 

For a campaigner:

When ‘matching donations’ is activated, you should share your fundraiser as much as possible with everybody. You should share it on social media platforms and ask your friends and family to share it with their contacts. It is important to make the best use of this feature as you would be able to raise a greater amount of funds quickly. 

For a donor:  

Now you have another convincing reason to donate. With the ‘matching donations’ feature, your donation would make a lot of difference to the campaigner. This should motivate you to donate a generous amount. You should also share the fundraiser among your friends and on social media to attract more donors and help the campaigner reach their goal amount faster when matching donations is activated. 

If you know of someone who is in need of funds for an emergency, you can start a free fundraiser for them by following the required procedure. It would take only 5 minutes to get started. 

  1. Support fundraisers

When an individual starts a medical, personal or a social fundraiser on behalf of your cause, it is known as a 'Support fundraiser’. 

A support fundraiser is started to help raise a certain amount of the main goal amount. Funds raised by the support fundraisers add up to your goal amount, thereby helping you get the funds you need faster and without the burden of you handling the entire amount of your own. 

For a campaigner:

‘Support fundraisers’ will help you maximize your reach and help you raise funds quickly. Ensure that you use good images and have an impactful story which would encourage donors to donate to your ‘support fundraiser’. You can start a ‘support fundraiser’ on behalf of your friends or family or even a stranger you just met. 

  1. 0% fundraising fee

Starting a fundraiser is free on our platform. We waive off our platform charges. 

This ensures that the fundraiser is able to receive a greater amount of the contributions made and the fundraiser is able to get the best help it needs. 

For a campaigner:

You can make use of the 0% platform fee and start raising funds for the causes that are dear to you. In this way you can raise the maximum amount of funds for your fundraiser. You can also start a fundraiser for your friends and family if they are in need of funds making the best use of the 0% platform fee. 

For a donor:

With ImpactGuru’s 0% platform fee, the fundraiser will receive a maximum of the donations made towards it. The donor is aware of this and hence he derives satisfaction because he knows his contribution will make a difference to the campaigner. 

There are a lot of people on our platform who are in need of funds for a medical emergency, personal or social cause. You could show your support by donating to an online fundraiser.  

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