3 Families Share Their Experience On Medical Fundraising

By: Divya Kilikar

Published On: May 28, 2018

In an average month, our campaign managers create and assist at least 100 new medical fundraisers. We realize that you have countless concerns – you’ll wonder how you can possibly make time to look after a sick loved one while you keep your job and maintain a fundraiser. But it’s been tried and tested several times. While some unfortunately fail to reach their target, some do tremendously well. In either case, we have often wondered what it feels like to raise funds while your loved one battles a chronic disease.

The answer is not a singular or an easy one. Fundraising is hard work, so is taking care of the patient. Even with all the support and tools we provide, we do know and have often felt the apprehension medical campaigners feel. Some call us on weekends, when sometime technical errors cause failed transactions, some send us texts asking for immediate disbursements while ask about ways to get donations on a fundraiser that has slowed down.

Each medical campaigner faces a unique situation of his/her own and though we feel equally involved, virtually fundraising with them, throughout, we know that we cannot truly understand how one feels when the well being of someone they love is put on stake with the only solution being the generosity of donors.

At Impact Guru, we have watched many campaigners crowdfund for the first time and successfully make a hit of their fundraisers, raising large funds in as little as a week or two. Here are some of their stories.

Meet Harish, who gave up his treatment money to save his daughter, was then saved by the internet.

Harish R is a small businessman from Hyderabad who suffered kidney failure in 2014.

“As I contemplated medical treatment and thought things couldn’t get any worse, fate struck again. My 5-year-old daughter was found to have Alagille Syndrome, a rare incurable genetic disorder and was admitted to the hospital for multiple organ failures."

“I made the choice without a blink.”

Harish put his entire life’s savings into her treatment. In 2017, Harish was told by doctors that he urgently needed a kidney transplant. He was in despair as his savings were drained and loans weren’t easy to come by. NGOs that could offer help were few.

When Harish created a fundraiser on Impact Guru, he stayed in touch with us and we kept up with his activities. He quickly formed a foundation of supporters on Facebook, consisting family around the world and friends. His network of donors started expanding rapidly on Facebook. We were delighted by Harish’s spirit; he shared his story and followed up incessantly over social media, posting updates every other day. He roped in 179 supporters over the span of two months to raise over 8 lakh rupees!

“My family and friends in India and abroad gave me great support. I’ll always be thankful for that. It truly helped grow my network of donors.”

Harish found a donor in October and the transplant was done. Harish and his family are ecstatic now, and still in touch with our team.

Vikas couldn’t have ever foretold that he would have to crowdfund for his brother - until a sudden accident put Vivek’s life in danger.

When Vikas’s brother Vivek suffered brain injury in a road accident, he had few hopes of affording his treatment before discovering crowdfunding. We guided Vikas through creating a fundraiser with us.

“Our father call up everyone in the family and his friends as well, telling them about the situation. They sprung to our aid immediately!” says Vikas.

Within 90 days, the fundraiser had raised over 4.5 lakh rupees! We approached Vivek’s father to talk about his fundraising experience while also dealing with the stress of his son’s condition. We expected to hear about a number of difficulties he may have faced since he was entirely new to the concept of crowdfunding and also had the burden of other duties to look after.

He rendered us speechless when he said, “I was pleasantly surprised to find how helpful technology and specifically, social media was, in spreading the word like wildfire. The support that started with close family and friends expanded far and wide. Vivek’s story went viral in two days and the donations started pouring in sooner than we thought. I can tell you with certainty that we faced no problems with our fundraiser at all!”

Anurag succeeded in his fight to save his wife - backed by the internet.

Puja B had been dealing with a failing liver for 17 years. When doctors urged a liver transplant in 2017, Anurag, her husband, wrote a compelling fundraiser story on Impact Guru.

“I called up the campaign manager right after I created the fundraiser. I didn’t want to risk losing a second. It was approved soon enough and right then I got a group of friends and family to constantly share the fundraiser on social media.” Anurag says.

Anurag and his campaign manager from my team contacted Puja’s students from the past, who were all compassionate and willing to donate. “My wife’s condition drove me to give my all into the fundraiser and knowing promoting it would work, that’s what I did. I told her story on Facebook and Whatsapp over and over.”

In less than 40 days, Anurag had managed to get 400 people to join their hands to pull Puja out of her misery. The campaign’s funds surpassed the goal amount of 25 lakh rupees and now Puja is happy and healthy as ever!

How did they do it?

As we interact with the campaigners, our admiration for their strength and positivity soars. After our conversations with these wonderful people, we took step back to take a look at what these successful fundraisers have in common.

It is the determination to stir things, to make a change for their loved ones. It is this that gives them the drive to share their stories on social media, knowing they deserve to be heard. The patients’ families were bent on acquiring as many donors as they could and leveraged social media to their best advantage. They told their story with shining clarity and assiduously shared it over platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook. The best thing about crowdfunding is that a trusted network can be built easily within and between communities.

If you’re looking to create a medical fundraiser, do not hesitate to get in touch with us with queries you may have. We understand, and we’re ready to help.

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