3 Ways To Raise Funds For Kids With Cancer

By: Zahabiya, Diamond

Published On: February 19, 2022

Not only does cancer take an enormous toll on the health of patients and survivors—but it also has a tremendous financial impact. The most worrying aspect of cancer care expenditure in India is high out-of-pocket expenditure. In the majority of cases, cancer is diagnosed at advanced stages, when both, the cost of treatment as well as the intensity of the same can be on the higher end the efficiency of available treatments is minimal. Despite the fact that cancer is detected early, 50% of patients stop attending hospitals after two or three cycles of chemotherapy owing to the exorbitant expense of treatment.

Dealing With The Financial Burden Of Cancer

According to a study, the majority of Indians cannot afford private healthcare. Only 5% of households have any health insurance.

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it's distressing. But when that loved one is a child who has barely registered anything about life, much alone seen or experienced it - it may be even more difficult to endure. Add to this the realization that, while medical treatment is readily available, it is well beyond one's immediate financial means to cure them of their condition. It can be nerve-wracking to be so close to saving one's child's life while still being so far away, which is why an increasing number of parents are turning to non-traditional fundraising methods to raise money for children with cancer.

If you are looking for ways to raise money for kids with cancer or a person belonging to a low-income family. In that case, you can use the following three simple ways to raise funds:

  1. Crowdfunding

Raising funds from friends and family is an age-old method of overcoming financial difficulty. Today, you can use the internet to reach out to thousands of potential donors and raise money for your loved one's treatment. Crowdfunding is one such effective online method of raising funds. It enables you to raise the required amount by gathering donations from a large number of individuals using internet crowdfunding platforms such as ImpactGuru.

You can easily start an online cancer crowdfunding fundraiser. It consists of four basic steps:

  • Select the crowdfunding platform on which you'd want to run your campaign.

  • Write a compelling fundraiser story.

  • Share the campaign with your friends and family.

  • Receive the desired funds!

While it may be difficult to reveal your financial specifics in your fundraiser story to friends and strangers, this is exactly what will urge people to donate to your fundraiser. They'll be more inclined to go above and beyond to give to your cause—or even share your fundraising with others—if they realize why you're in critical need of money.

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  1. Raising Awareness

It's not always easy to ask for financial assistance, but keep in mind that your friends and family members want to assist you during this difficult time. You can encourage people and raise awareness about your cause by sharing a small portion of your story in your email. You may entice people to visit your fundraiser by including a little excerpt from your story in your email or sharing the link on your social media.

Within your fundraising description, consider asking your friends and family to contribute in other ways besides financial support. You could also volunteer with a trustworthy NGO that runs several campaigns to create awareness about cancer, risk factors, prevention, treatment options, and counsel patients and survivors.

Additional tips for raising funds online for cancer treatment–

  1.  Put your story out there!

  2.  Add more visuals

  3. Be ‘socially’ active

  4.  Share regular updates

  5. Thank your donors

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3) NonProfits & Charities

There are various NGOs and charities that help raise money for children who can't afford cancer treatment. Spend some time looking and researching about these organizations. Find out if you're eligible for their assistance. Organizations in society know other nonprofits, making it simpler to spread the word about what you need.

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You might think that asking for help is a sign of weakness, yet it takes bravery and fortitude to reveal vulnerability and seek support. If you're not sure where to turn for assistance, crowdfunding is one of the easiest and most successful methods to reach out to a large number of people at once and raise money for cancer treatments. You may give people who care about you the opportunity to provide a hand and make a significant difference in your life by creating an online fundraiser. 

ImpactGuru is a leading crowdfunding platform in India, known for its record-breaking fundraising - it raised Rs. 2 Crores in 48 Hours - for a single medical campaign! Some of ImpactGuru’s other features include:

  • Quick Approvals For Fundraisers: so you can raise money for cancer treatment quickly. On ImpactGuru, approximately 2+ lakh fundraisers have been created, with the platform raising a total of INR 2000+ crores!

  • Fast Fund Withdrawal: for when you need money urgently, even if you're still fundraising. We recognise that time is of importance in a medical emergency, and we're dedicated to make money withdrawals and fundraising as simple as possible with premium features like individualized consultations with a relationship manager, fundraising calendars, and more!

  • Free Round-The-Clock: fundraising help, strategizing, feedback, and queries.

Start a free fundraiser on ImpactGuru today to raise money for children or a loved one's cancer treatment. You can also raise funds to increase awareness about cancer in your area, informing children and parents about the need for early diagnosis.

You can give to cancer treatment fundraisers on ImpactGuru if you'd rather contribute to helping someone get timely treatment.

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