3 Patients Who Got Their Discharge Last Week With The Help Of Crowdfunding

By: Milton, Diamond

Published On: July 28, 2021

Have you ever woken up only to realise that the cold that had been bothering you for a week or the headache that refused to let you work last night has finally gone away? The relief you feel is unparalleled. There are so many patients in India lying in hospitals right now, waiting for their ailments to be cured too - waiting to wake up healthy and relieved. They aren’t given a discharge from the hospital - not because their disease is untreatable but simply because despite the best of care available, they do not have the funds to afford it. 

It is these patients who are on the path to recovery and can go home to their loved ones, happy and healthy, that ImpactGuru hopes to keep helping. How? With the support and generosity of kind donors who share its vision. Learn how crowdfunding works here.

Here are 3 stories of patients with different medical conditions who got their discharge last week: 

  1. Twin Babies Get Discharged With The Support Of Donors

Pisike Narsimlu’s twin babies were admitted to Rainbow Children's Hospital, Hyderabad. They were suffering from complications due to premature delivery. One of the twins was also suffering from respiratory problems.

The doctor recommended that the infants be put in an ICU for three weeks for observation. However, the father of the twins was a cab driver by profession and found it impossible to afford Rs. 50,000 daily in the ICU for his babies’ treatment. So he started a fundraiser to crowdfund the treatment of his twin babies. 

Latest update after discharge: (19 Jul, 2021)

“Dear Donors,

Swapna's tiny tots have completed their treatment in the NICU and have been discharged from the hospital.

It was all possible because of your outpour of support for Swapna's children's campaign. Thank you for sharing her story and donating to the twins.

You are awesome!”

This fundraiser has raised Rs 2.45 lakhs in 26 days from 206 donors. You too can donate to this fundraiser, here

  1. Wife Starts Fundraiser To Save Husband From Covid-19

Shanthi was raising funds for her husband’s treatment who was suffering from Covid-19 and was in a critical stage. His condition required him to be under constant ventilator support and ICU observation. The treatment cost was around Rs 16 lakhs.

Latest update after discharge: (16 Jul, 2021)

“Dear Donors,

We are happy to share that Mr. Sivasamy has been discharged from the hospital. He is doing much better now and expects to make a full recovery. 

The doctors have advised him to take complete rest and follow the medications treatment with timely follow-ups.

Please pray for his good health and speedy recovery. Thank you again!”

  1. A College Professor Fights Cancer With The Help Of Donors

Sivakumar was raising funds for his grandfather who was suffering from bone cancer. Mr. AL Kumarappan, a professor at Sai Ram Engineering College was undergoing treatment at Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai. The treatment was costing them Rs 10 lakhs

Latest update after discharge: (15 Jul, 2021)

“Dear Donors,

Thank you for your generous support and love. I would like to inform you all that Mr. Kumarappan was discharged on 14th of July.

Though he has been discharged, he is still not keeping well as he complains of body ache, cold and cough as well. Since age is a factor for him, he will need more time to recover as cancer has spread all over the body.

We have heard that one of the most powerful medicines against sickness is prayers so lets all pray for his speedy recovery and send your good wishes for him. Also keep contributing for him for his further medications/treatment.

Thank you again.”

The fundraiser raised Rs 7.25 lakhs with the support of 274 donors which paved the way for Prof. AL Kumarappan’s timely treatment, recovery and subsequent discharge. 

With the well-wishes, prayers and support from donors, these patients were able to get their timely discharge. They were able to get their treatment done on time after payment of their medical bills.

If you need funds to pay your medical bills, you can start a 0% fee fundraiser on Impact Guru. Our wide community of donors will support you in your journey. 

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